Well Then. 

Thanks for coming out to this months shows my friends, I think we all had the best time, thanks in part too, or perhaps in spite of, the crazy heat.

I’m resting and hiding away for a few weeks, I’ve got a well deserved holiday to go on, the World Cup to get knee deep in, a few life plans to figure out, a new laptop to purchase after the last one exploded and, most importantly, a new record to start to put together. I’m excited. There are songs written, songs fermenting, songs needing polishing. I’m a little song and story factory right now and it makes me very happy.

As always, a few things to announce relatively soon and a few more adventures to find ourselves on, but for the mean time, i’ve been home for two days in the last two months, so I’m hiding away for a little while.

Also, T-Shirts. There are new T-Shirts. Which is always exciting.

Have a sweet few weeks in the sunshine.