The last leaves on the last trees. Autumnal passing gifts of big skies, first frosts and storms.

You get busy for what feels like a few days and a month goes past, autumn arrives, October passes. Halloween and Bonfire night, my favourite week of the year, the last before the darkness.

– Lots to catch up on, but firstly; many, many thanks to everyone that came out last week, those three shows were some of the best I’ve played in a long time and reinvigorated my tired (and occasionally quite lazy) butt into doing more. Thanks to the various friends from Sofar Sounds Cologne, Teilchen + Beschleuniger and Studio 672. Thankyou also to Robert Grosse and all at Noisegroupie for all their help.

I started this year unsure about music and, to be quite frank, poorer than I’ve been at just about any point in my adult life. Thankfully (hopefully) that time has passed and I end the year in a much happier and more positive place. Between these shows and Sweden, I have rekindled my love for making things and tried, at least a little, to quiet the ever panicking “pay the bills voices” that haunt us all.

I’m going to spend the rest of the year, and probably the start of next chained to a collection of desks, guitars and coffee shops tables in order to write, not just new music, but a few other projects that have been waiting on the backburner for a while. I’m also going to try and keep this place updated at least semi-regularly and rather than just talking shop, I’m hoping to share a little more of what I’m reading, what I’m spending my time consuming and where I’m at creatively. For the most part, I will use this as a hub for everything, but may also expand into email and a regularly scheduled “mailing list” for those that remember 2003 and how good they use to be. Facebook’s continual search for the destruction of all non-paying customers at the hands of algorithmic obscurity means I feel, we may all have to go back to being a little more creative in our search for connection and “audience reach”. For me, that slightly longer, more longform approach might also work a little better – I’m never one for pithy, witty and concise.

And so my friends, it’s back to the office, I shall be back in a couple of days with the first of our regularly scheduled conversations after I’ve had a little chance to get some rhythm and reality back into the world.





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