December (and November), oops.

(What I thought was a simple Instagram across to here IFTTT thing turned into an unmitigated disaster, sorry if you got a bunch of emails for junk you didn’t need).

So, the year is drawing out and I’m contentedly writing, as glacially as ever, in as many different formats as you can imagine, so that whilst I’m busy, I don’t actually feel like I have much to show for it. Such is life, I guess.

I’ve been home just a little under a week, after a short tour and then a five-week stay in Germany and I’m coming to realise that, whilst I’m still eager to write and create, I definitely have bills to pay and could do with a little more security towards the future.

As you’ve probably all noticed, HoO (as absolutely nobody has ever called it) has been a little quiet this year, deliberately so, splitting my life between England and Germany is and has been fascinating and I’ve wanted to dive into that some more, to put some money away and to not have to struggle too much to pay the bills (I managed nearly all of those things, but money is money – I did open a savings account though, like an actual adult!).

So yeah, a few end of year posts coming up, probably the usual “talk about films, talk about music, talk about what you’ve learned blah blah blah nonsense”, but I wanted to take the moment, purely because I’m notoriously slow in updating these things to say thankyou for being here and for taking a little time with me – next year will hopefully bring new songs and a few tours – I’ve no desire to “make it” anymore, no desire to chase bigger audiences, but I still, desperately want to write and create and make new things, so hopefully next year will allow for much more of that.

Here is a video of me doing a sing in Koln a few weeks ago, I had the best ruddy night, made lots of really delightful new friends and got to cuddle a dog – I think this video reflects that perfectly.

Happy Christmas friends!



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