Duisburg, or an attempt to update more regularly, whilst every fibre of my being fights against routine.


Some updates – Heading out on tour with my dear friend The Lion and the Wolf in just under a months time.

Whilst you will find me at all of the shows after the 25th hanging out at the back of the room somewhere, due to some scheduling quirks, I will only be opening up the following shows –

26.05. Osnabrück
27.05. Hamburg
28.05. Berlin
30.05. Langenberg

Either way, it’ll be nice to stretch my legs

It’s a strange thing, to be constantly leaving. It starts to creep in to the times when you’re in one place, to the times when leaving doesn’t need to happen.

I find myself so restless in these last few months. The desire to explore, to travel and to experience is growing ever stronger – but for what reasons I cannot tell you. An obsession with history, a thorough enjoyment of getting lost down strange sideroads in small towns and trying to conjure the stories of those that went before. Maybe an excuse to blow off the far, far bigger questions I should be asking myself, maybe it’s the endless search for a pair of wide fitting size 10 sneakers that don’t make me look like an 80’s serial killer, who knows?!

All I know is that I sit in one place and I am utterly restless. Even on the days when I am exhausted, when there is work to do, when all I should do is sit at my desk and write, or watch a movie – I cannot wait to go outside, to go and explore, to go and experience something new.

I feel as if there is something I should be doing, as if there is a purpose to this, as if everything I am doing is leading somewhere, but what that purpose or that direction is, I have no idea.

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