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Heart of Oak is the stage name of singer/songwriter Jimmy Broomfield.

Born and raised in the New Forest, England, Broomfield named the project after the Oak trees grown, harvested and sent to sea by his ancestors. A born storyteller, these are heartfelt, earnest songs, brought to life with a powerful voice and a soulful, intimate live show.

Having racked up hundreds of shows, touring with artists such as The Lion and the Wolf, PJ Bond, Owls By Nature and many, many more, Broomfield released his debut record – E.P|One in the spring of 2016.

Recorded and mixed by Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest, Citizen, Brawlers), in a single day – EP.One is a direct translation of a live show honed through nearly five years of full-time touring.

Compared to modern day singer-songwriters such as Damien Jurado and Ray Lamontagne, whilst also paying homage to the greats such as Bruce Springsteen, Nick Drake and John Martyn. Heart of Oak will be releasing a full-length record in 2018.

It’s difficult to bring something new to the party when you’re one man with just an acoustic guitar. Heartbreaking honesty and a distinct turn of phrase are pretty much all that you can rely on to make you stand out from the crowd. Heart Of Oak’s self-released debut EP demonstrates an astute ability to be able to reach both of these goals. – Jim Pusey,


“Broomfield’s are heartfelt, earnest songs about the big themes in life delivered by a natural storyteller with a heart as big as his smile. – The track is typical of Broomfield’s heart on sleeve honesty and is a soaring slice of blue collar folk that tips its hat to punk roots and carries a sentimental, melancholic edge that sets it apart from the crowd. There’s a real and wistful campfire charm that’s hard to shake, and an emotional intensity that’s harder still to find amongst the clatter of new music pouring from the internet”. – Jamie Otsa,